L.A. Temple Family Home Evening

One night we decided to drive to the L.A. Temple for F.H.E. Just so the kids could see it. It was tons of fun even if they weren't even close to being reverent. Here they are towards the end of the trip. This picture says it all! Is Dash REALLY pulling faces? Yes, he is.
The grounds are amazing with beautiful flowers and amazing fountains. Even at night the Temple is gorgeous. The L.A. Temple is the second biggest temple in the world. Second to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake Temple has more underground footage making it the biggest. The first time B and I went to the L.A. Temple I was blown away at the enormity of the building. IT IS HUGE!
Juliet is hitching a ride with daddy. She looks so little in this picture to me! That's what I get for blogging backwards!

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