Uncle Jamie's Birthday!

We have a birthday dinner for you when it's your birthday. You get to pick the dinner and for Jamie's birthday he picked corned beef and cabbage. WHAT? I had never made that! It turned out super delicious and I hope he picks it again this year! It was pretty easy too! Here is Uncle Jamie blowing out his birthday candles! He is soooo goofy all the time that I don't know if he meant to make this face or if it was an accident! Here is Jamie showing off the gifts that the kids gave him. Max and Dash went into their toy box to pick something out for him. It was cute to see them give up their things and they were soooo excited to give it to him. Uncle Jamie is such a good sport! He was SOOOO EXCITED to get his gifts! (We did give him something else too....that we bought....for him....not out of the toy box!)
The kids made him cards and he wore the Chuckee Cheese Birthday Crown!
Dash tried and was VERY adamant about giving him his Bingo dog. (The dog he sleeps with every night and can't live with out!) Uncle Jamie was trying to talk him out of giving it to him. It was really a cute moment!
We sure love Uncle Jamie and don't know what we would do with out him here in California. He makes us laugh all the time! Sometimes the boys will ask if they can call him and have him come over! He is quick to give you a hug and always knows just the right thing to say! I love when it is his birthday because for a few months we are the same age and I am not the oldie moldy!

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