A visit from the Churchs'

Bret and Kelly Church and their kids came for a visit for spring break! We had a great time with them. One of our favorite things to do with a visitor is to take them to Third Street Prominade in Santa Monica. It is free (love that) and full of entertainment. It is just a couple blocks from Santa Monica pier. Their are tons of street performers and shops and food. This guy looks like a statue but if you put a dollar in his bucket he will move like a robot! I have actually seen him in a few shows on t.v. lately. These guys are my favorite. They are a group of dancers from all over. They are really good and super entertaining. At the end of their show they pull people up from the audience and Indi got picked. He was so much fun to watch and was actually pretty good!
Here they are lining up the audience participants. At the end they give the kids 1$ for helping out with the show. They are super funny. A whole section is them going around asking people for money. They will let you know if you spent enough or not.
Mommy and Dash waiting for the show to start!
Darby, Jada, and Indiana.
One of the performers doing one of his tricks!
Kel and Maverick! We loved having them come and visit. We always have tons of fun and tons of laughs with them!

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