confessions of and unbalanced woman

I stole that title from a book I read. It was amazing, by Emily Watts. I am stealing this little segment from my cousin Mary Killion. She does a Tuesday confession that I love. They make me laugh and cry sometimes. SO I am stealing it! Thanks Mary for being so inspiring!

#1. I secretly love that Juliet doesn't want Max to hug her and she runs from him. A little sad but I love it because he loves her TOO MUCH and that is why she doesn't like it! It's kind of sweet in a sad way.
#2. I miss my father in law. He died almost 2 years ago. I used to talk to him at least once a month. He loved hearing little things my kids would do and I would call him sometimes just to tell only him. He loved it! He was inspiring and motivational. I miss him. a lot.
#3. I hate whining and I kind of think I might be a whiner.
#4. I pee my pants when I jump, sneeze, or laugh too hard. The price of 4 babies. Not really a confession as I will let anyone know.
#5. I LOVE TV. I wish I didn't.
#6. I get grumpy when Brandon sleeps in. I don't know why. I think I just want him to be awake when I am so we get the most of our time together. He lets me sleep in. He is never grumpy about it.
#7. I love hand me downs. Again, not a secret.
#8. I talk to my mom every day. Sometimes 4 times a day. I love that she doesn't work cause I can call her more than once a day. I just found out she may go back to work. boo.

More confessions later!


Bickmommy said...

#4) I am so glad I am not the only one! It makes me feel so much better. :) I also totally agree with #s 3, 6 and 7. I love your list!!

The Peterson's said...

I think the peeing thing happens to everyone once they have kids. I know I do after only 1. You have a great list!