One of the things at Disney is a cute show to become a jedi in training. They pull about 30 kids from the audience and train them and then you fight Darth Vader and Darth Mal! It is pretty cool and you WANT it BAD! Miss Natalie told us ahead of time to dress in something they would see and to make a sign. Luck would have it, Daddy is an artist! We wore our ORANGE striped shirts and daddy made a killer sign! Needless to say Max got picked! I wanted all of them to get picked but I prayed HARD for Max! There was one little boy who had come back to the show 5 times and still had not been picked. :( I tried to get the sign back at the end of the show for him but the Jedi's keep them and hang them up in their dressing rooms. This Jedi lucked out with a SWEET sign! Jedi's have been chosen and now time for instructions before the bad guys come!
Holy crap! I almost peed myself! It was really cool!
Darth Vader trying to get them to turn to the dark side!

Get him Max!

We decided to go back a little later so Darby and Dash could try to be selected. They were! Even with out the cool sign. I'll post those pictures later!

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Kaela said...

That is so cool! My nephew's would be so crazy jealous of Max!