The Getty

We went to the Getty Museum one Saturday this summer. It is free but parking is $20. You get to ride a tram up to the Museum and you could spend an entire day there (if you didn't have kids.) We did write up a scavenger hunt before we went in though. Things they had to find in the paintings. A King, A red hat, a tiger, a fight scene, a singer, etc. They had fun doing that but with that they wanted to RUN from painting to painting. I would love to go back with Brandon one day so we could enjoy it a little more and take some time. They have a little section for the kids that was like a mini hands on museum. Very cool! A GIANT dry erase board and art underneath it. You could draw all over it.
I wasn't sure if this was the best idea for Juliet. I have cleaned countless walls, dressers, cupboards, chairs, body parts with marker and crayon on them. She loved it and could have stayed there all day.
There was another section where the kids could decorate a mask. It was fun to see what they had all come up with. It was killing Brandon not to do one of his own.

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