I heard a song today about growing up. In the song it said to take a picture in your mind of some of the things that won't be there when you are grown (but it said it way better than that:)! It gave me the idea to blog a few of my favorite child hood memories so my kids would have them and I wouldn't forget! I think this may become a regular blog post. Not that anyone else will care, but for me. :)

My dad used to have a motorcycle and when he would come home from work you could hear him coming up the street because he had a radio on it that he would blast. We would race to give him the first kiss. Sometimes he would give us a ride around the block. That was the best. It felt like you were flying! Sometimes he would drive you to Gas n Go and you would get a refill in a sweet mug. (My addiction to soda started early) I used to love to walk to gas n go too.
My little brother used to sit and watch my mom sew. He was fascinated by it. He was one of the cutest little boys ever. I remember when he started Jr. High I was soooo worried about him. I told my mom to use some of my school clothes money for him so he could have some cooler clothes because I wanted him to fit in. He did just fine.
I remember getting summer passes to Trafalga and walking to the water slide when our chores were done. We used to camp over Easter and on the deer hunt. We got out of school for like a week or longer and we had HUGE homework packets that seemed way more fun out of school than in. I remember laying on the driveway to dry off from the pool and sprinklers and playing cops and robbers on our bikes with the neighborhood. Ew and I remember once I got grounded to go to bed early for being sassy. I wouldn't let up so I ended up going to bed like at 5 pm and I could here all the kids in the front outside my window. THAT SUCKED.

My mom used to do craft fairs and would stay up all night sewing. I loved hearing that in the night. I loved going to the craft fairs with her and when she would let me make the change. I loved when people would oogle over her amazing things. I was soooo proud. To bad I can't sew. No patience. She used to stay up all night cleaning too. I would wake up to go to the bathroom like at 3 or 4 to the smell of pine sol. I loved that.

I remember getting square pumpkins from Arctic Circle at Halloween and in the summer we would get Happy Meals when they had the Lego prize. (I think that was really the only time we would get happy meals.....man did we appreciate them when we did.)

I was super jealous of my friend Stephanie because she had an Elvis and a Michael Jackson Barbie BUT she always shared so it was cool. I remember my mom gave us a "private drawer" to put our treasures in. (the top drawer of our dresser) I also knew I could trust her with not peeking in it because it was "private". I used to love it when she would come in and clean our room the "mom way". (she was fed up with the junk and needed to purge and get it clean) It always looked amazing when she was done! I loved it.
I have tons of memories of friends in our trailer park and friends I grew up with camping. I could go on and on with stories of them. Most of them did all the things I mentioned above with me.

I used to love it when my mom would make my Halloween costume. Our costumes were always the best. I also loved when she would do Breakfast for dinner.

I had a great child hood when I look back on it. I grew up in a trailer park and didn't know that we didn't have a lot of money until I moved out and moved back in and I still felt totally normal. My dad worked sometimes 3 jobs and my mom went to work when I was high school. I don't remember ever "wanting" for anything. (except once I wanted a white v neck t shirt from the gap....so dumb)


The Peterson's said...

You are to cute! I like getting to know more about you!

Dawn said...

ahh the memories of riding on the back of uncle gails bike :0) those were the days