Every good Jedi needs....

So our kids got 20 bucks each for something from Disney! (again, not a lot for Disney) They did have a section where you could build your own light saber! VERY COOL! Daddy didn't hate helping with this job! They were 19.99 unless you wanted a double then they were 21.00. Mommy Warbucks went ahead and sprung for the extra! All three of them decided to get them! They still play with them. Mostly outside or at church. Very good purchase BUT if you go to Disney, do it at the end of your day. Not the funnest thing to tote around! He's not feeling like a bad "a" is he? (there is no other way to put that. I mean really, look at him? That is one TUFF jedi! He went through training and everything so I can say that!)

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