I think I am all caught up with the summer blogging! I may have this year completed before January! WOOO HOOO! I need to down load photos of Darby's birthday, Trunk or Treat/Halloween at Nickelodeon and our visit from Uncle Ryeley! YES! I can't believe this year is almost over. I thought I still had tons of time. That's what I get for blogging about the summer in October. We had a lot of stuff going on though that prevented me from staying caught up. We will have Thanksgiving and another trip to Utah, a couple parties with the ward and school, then Juliet's birthday and Christmas and New Year! I can't believe we are that close to being in 2011. I am committing now to live in the moment (and we all know I suck at that) so that I can enjoy my favorite time of the year (this time...fall....Thanksgiving.....Christmas) with out stressing it away or blinking my eyes and have it be gone! Isn't that how life goes though. All of a sudden you blink any your baby is 10? I remember everyone saying to enjoy it while it was here because it goes so fast. You never believe it though. Like when you are a teenager and you just want to be grown up! You have the rest of your life to be grown up! Just enjoy being a teenager right now!

I am going to enjoy these next few weeks AND enjoy my kids in all their crazy stressful glory! (I might even make time for my hubby! hee hee hee)

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