Shave and a hair cut....2 bits!

While we were at "This is the Place Monument" the kids got to get an ol' fashioned shave! They all thought that was pretty cool. They also loved that the barber had a bowl of leeches on his counter too for medicinal purposes. (they weren't real, but he had a good time teasing them!) They all held VERY still.
Max took the whole thing VERY serious. He even called daddy before it was his turn to chat about getting a shave. It was really cute.

Curtis was pretty tuff about the whole thing.

Even Gracie and Darby got in on the action! It's all fun and games until.....
he has the razor.
Darby liked the way the shaving lotion smelled! It was really cute and the barber gave us a ton of history. Next door to his shop is the bank and they showed us why things were called "2 bits". It was actually pennies bit in 1/2 and 1/4's. It was very cool.

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