Confessions of and unbalanced woman

More Confessions......

1. I hate to unload the dishwasher, mop, and put laundry away. I will load the dishwasher and fold the laundry and sweep 10x over with out complaint if I don't have to do the other. (I also hate to switch the laundry over and take out the trash....but I do it)
2. I usually like what Brandon orders better than what I order. 1/2 the time he will give me his cause he is not picky and loves everything. If he were smart he would have me order what he wanted then we could trade....but would I want it then? Who knows.
3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show Steel Magnolias. It is cheesy but I think I connect to the friendships that these women have. They are strong and beautiful, hence "Steel Magnolias"
4. I have read ALL the Harry Potter books (more than once...3 times) and I LOVE THEM! After a marathon of reading once I called Hillary and left her a message saying that I wanted to clean my house but I lost my magic wand somewhere in the couch! When I am done reading them a little part of me thinks I am magic. Somehow I have told myself that the house and the feeding of the kids can wait til I'm done reading because I can whip something up with my magic. If only I could find my wand!
5. I hate egg nog. Sick. Thick.
6. I LOVE TRADITIONS! (not a big secret) They keep you grounded and feel like you have a purpose. I have to be careful not to do to many of them or they make my life not grounded and out of control. I hope my kids will keep up our traditions in their families. (Our longest standing tradition is BINGO after Thanksgiving dinner.....over 20 years.....my grandma made someone cry once by stealing their gifts.....new rule: no crying in BINGO)
7. I love the stationary isle at the store. I love packages of pens and new crayons and notepads. I think it makes me feel like I have a supply of something (like food storage) so I feel safe. Random. I like the smell of it too.
8. I have a paper planner and don't think I will ever switch to a digital anything in that regards because (see #7....I love stationary.) I also love to cross things off and make lists.....ahhhhhh making lists is good!
9. I want a new mini van. Mine is fine so it's not gonna happen for YEARS to come but I want a new one. Now.
10. I told Brandon "I would have to pray about it" the second time he asked me to marry him to make him squirm. Mean, I know. He called off the first engagement so I needed to make him sweat. I knew I was going to marry him, all ready prayed tons before hand. I did pray about it then so I didn't have to lie to him and I think I got a little reprimanded for being mean and using prayer as a pay back. :)


cheri said...

I didn't know you guys were engaged twice...I'm glad you made him sweat! I can imagine Heavenly Father's reprimand. "Ah Suzi...that was funny and he deserved it, but you shouldn't use prayer as a weapon. " (smile, wink, wink)

Hil said...

My confession:
I still have that message saved on my phone because I love it!

Shake-N-Bake said...

I love your confessions! Fabulous idea... I just might have to steal the idea!