Austin and Jamie's wedding

We went to Utah for Austin and Jamie's wedding. Darby was one of the flower girls at the reception. She was so excited that they asked her. I DIDN'T GET A SINGLE PICTURE OF THE BRIDE AND GROOM!!!! What? Who does that? I would have but they needed extra help shuttling people. The reception didn't have parking so they had a shuttle set up and it got really busy so I went to help. It was a lot of fun because my dad and brother were the shuttle service so I got to hang with them all night.

This is a picture of Uncle Dustin with baby Jaylee. This is a little move that all the boys got from Papa Keith. We have pictures of Brandon doing it with all of our kids and with Papa doing it with Darby and even with Brandon when he was a baby. It scares me to death but I guess it's become a right of passage for all of them!
Brandon got to see a ton of his family. These are his dad's siblings and some of his cousins. Uncle Larrry is in the middle by B and Erin his wife. He hadn't seen them since his dad's funeral so he was really happy to get to spend some time with them!
This is his dad's sister Donna and her husband Dick. He is the patriarch of his stake. (I don't remember where they live) They are really fun to be with.
Another of Papa Keith's brothers (in- law). This is Uncle Don. He is the first one I met when Brandon and I were dating. I just adore him.
Chantelle and Bryce before the reception got under way! She is pregnant and they hadn't told anyone yet because they didn't want to take away from Austin and Jamie's day! I love them for that but it was sooooo hard to keep it in! Chantelle was working her booty off too! I kept wanting to yell at her and make her rest! (When the night was all over I think someone let it slip!) YAY! Congratulations! (I love Chantelle! She is fiesty and speaks her mind!)

Bryce and Mom J! She was so cute and so happy for Austin!

Mom J and Brandon! I love the lighting in this picture.

Me and B! We don't get a lot of pictures together because one of us is always behind the camera!
Me and Darby! The sun was starting to go down. Perfect lighting!
Darby was watching a creek, waiting for everything to get started. I thought she looked sooo cute. The photographer kept steeling candid shots of her too.

Such a beautiful girl!

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