petting zoo!

There was a mini farm at The Monument. Juliet wasn't to sure at first. She really wanted to love them but it was a little scary.
Max had no problems.
Papa worked with Juliet and she got a tiny bit braver!
Papa was showing Juliet that there was nothing to be scared of!
He was trying to get her to come over to him, but she was scared and you can see it was making him laugh. It is really cute when my dad laughs!
Max and a pig were having a face off.
Juliet found a creek and because she was with Papa he let her get in....with her shoes.....and they still smell like death to this day! He owes me new shoes for her!
Little houses. Juliet loved them! We couldn't get her out. My dad had to go in to get her. Not an easy task when the house is tiny and he is REALLY tall!
We tried to get a cute group shot for Nana but it's tuff to get everyone together at the same time! It was sooooo hot! You can see how sweaty they all are!
funny faces!
YAY!!!! We get to stop taking pictures and go play!

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