Face Book brings old friends!

I had fought face book FOREVER! On a girls weekend in Vegas, Nat and Tiff made me an account. I LOVE IT! I love that they were good enough friends to make me do it! Now FB isn't for everyone and I can definitely see the down sides of it. BUT my FAVORITE things about FB is that I have reconnected with some dear friends from child hood, I can keep tabs on my family in other states, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. People that I truly love but can't talk to every day. My BEST friend from grade school and growing up friend requested me! Stephanie Barker. We grew up together! We had sooooo many memories and just lost touch over the years. Being reconnected to her and her family has been a huge blessing in my life in so many ways. She grew into an amazing woman and mom and wife! I just adore her and her little sister. (we grew up with her too. she was Ryeley's best friend!) While we were in Utah we got to have a BBQ with them. It was just perfect!

Tiffany and me. She played with Ryeley more but Steph and I could get her to do our bidding for us. She was a pistol growing up BUT she is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet!
Me and Steph! I am soooo happy she is part of my life again! Yay!
This is all our kids. Mine, Ryeley's, Steph's and Tiff's! They ALL were acting a little bit too much like us when we were little! I wish we lived closer so we could let them grow up together too!

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