More SOUR!?!?!?

The fam decided to try Max's favorite sour candies all together! I grabbed the camera and away we went....again! You would think they would learn their lesson but Max seems to LOVE them! I love Max and Dash's faces when they first pop it in! Dash isn't to sure about how he feels about his choice to participate! You can see the pain working on everyone else!
Dash has taken his out and is now reconsidering this choice. (I love how he looks at B like Brandon made him do this....he looks totally disgusted!) Darby and Max and Daddy are holding strong though!
Dash has decided to ponder the candy and see if it really is a piece of candy!
Getting up.....
Candy in the trash!
Everyone else still hanging on by a thread!
Dash is pleased with his decision...the others are still working and Darby is trying not to cry.
Almost there.....
Ahhhh the candy is good now! Dash is coming back with a bowl of m&m's because he wants to try this experiment with "good candy"! He is a clever kid!

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