Company coming!

I am soooo excited that 2 of my best friends are coming for a visit! I have been planning and cleaning and cleaning a planning! It is just for a weekend but I know they will lift me up and make me a better person after just 2 days! As I was cleaning things that haven't been cleaned in a LONG time I thought to myself WHY? Why am I franticly scrubbing my fridge, oven and microwave for 2 women who have seen me nurse my babies, have moved PILES of unfolded laundry on my couch to sit down, seen me "ugly cry", wiped my babies bums, smelled my sweat, heard me fart, vacuumed my home for me, and so many more yuckier moments in my life? I know that they will not judge me if my fridge is sticky (since the day I moved in) or my microwave has Thanksgiving remnants in it. When I started cleaning it was because I didn't want them to see the "ugly" in my life, when I finished cleaning and thought of the memories we have shared, good and bad, I was cleaning because I loved them! A toast of diet coke and chocolate 7-11 donuts to: raisins on the carpet for over a month, dirty toilets, purple carpet, houses that smell like incents, dirty fridges, torn kitchen wall paper, pounding on your back window to get you to work out, running naked dragging a hanger and crappy Halloween plates (ouch), mommy weekends, stupid husbands, kids that make you swear, picking up the pieces no one else wants to touch, and many more memories to come! I love you Nat and Tiff and can't wait to see you both! :)


Mandie said...

Clicking the "like" button =D
Hugs to all 3 of you!

Tiffany said...

I love you!!! and ditto, ditto, ditto to everything!!!!! :)

hannah ramsey said...

i miss you!!! i wish you'd come back to Texas so I could share a meal with you and talk in person!

Dane and Natalie said...

I loved every second of it. Sorry I didn't get to read this before I got there...it's probably better that way or I would have cried even harder when we had to leave.

You forgot frolicking, swimming pool Fridays, Quiznos chop salads, Cafe brownies, perched pooping. Just to name a few more.

How lucky am I that I got to share those crazy, fun memories with 2 of my favorite people in the whole world.

Your fridge and house were sparkling clean and we destroyed it. I laughed more this weekend than I have in the last 3 months combined. Love you so much!


Dane and Natalie said...

Oh, and random home businesses. Loves!

Tiffany said...

Still cry when I read this! And thanks Nat now I am just crying more! I hate crying! I hate cookies! I hate fox and the hound!
But I love my friends :)