new adventures!

It's late and I am tired so I rant. I am embarking on a new adventure. I just got certified and became an airbrush tanning technician. I am with a great company called Endless Glow! Very exciting and I love the process and the things I have been able to do even in just this last weekend. That being said....I am terified of adding something else to my all ready hectic schedule. I see my more orginized friends do it and they seem to have it all. My friend Kelly is the most orginized and proficient person I have ever met! She inspired me on her last visit and gave me a little hope. I have a tendency to throw my hands in the air and say "to much....!" Usually after yelling at B for a few days. (Poor guy) I want to be succesfull but not at the risk of my family. I want to be the best mom but to be the best mom I have to be fullfilled myself. I love that I can make some extra money but I don't know at what cost. My hubby always says that when you add something to your schedule something else has to be given up or suffer. I have chosen to give up some of my tv watching (something inside me just died to actually say it out loud).

Brandon also relayed a story about the baseball player in the hall of fame that is in there for the most stolen bases. He said he had like over 450 stolen bases. He also had the most "outs". The person under him had only like under 200 stolen bases. The moral of the story was that the first guy had a lot more success because he tried to steal SO many more times even when it wasn't a sure shot! I was inspired and grateful. He is totally ok with me going out on a limb and trying something new and loving me for trying even if I don't get a "stolen base".

I now have my feelings down in writing to look back at later and say "I told you so " to myself OR look back and say "Silly, I knew you could do it!" Either way I will walk away having learned and having tried. A good lesson for all!

Anyone want to be airbrushed? :)


Alison said...

Me! Start with the belly.

Ceperich Family said...

I wish I lived close , I like to try :(.Funny but I had the same fealling about 9 months ago , to do something outside of home . But I didnt :( SO YOU GO GIRL !!!

Bittles said...

Go girl,that is great. Call me;) (did you see the head tilt and the toe kick back??)