I ate my self control.......

I totally stole that tag line from my cute friend Sally (see Sally run blog) ....her Achilles heel was Chocolate eggs I think. MINE were Sweet tart hearts! OH how I loved your sweet tangy Valentine goodness. I was buying bags at a time. The canker sores were worth every moment of tarty goodness! THANK HEAVENS they are only out once a year. The regular ones are never as good and why do they even make the chickie and duckie ones? SO when you see the posts of me over the next couple months, you will see why I have not lost all the baby weight! I will work on it though and will be better next February when they bring back the most amazing treat you will ever have with a Diet Coke (besides a choc donut from 7-11) GOod thing they don't even sell those in this state! :)

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