We were invited to our friends, Samantha's, BIG birthday bash thrown by her hubby Ford! Ford is one of my best friends big brother (Kim)! He went all out for his sweethearts special day! Valet parking and a tented back yard with a catered dinner and open bar! (YES! All the diet coke a girl could drink!) The food was amazing and I think the birthday girl had a great time! When we were eating dinner a movie star walked by and then after cake the lead singer from a band walked by! Only at an L.A. party would that happen! Do you think they will come to my party? We will have hot dogs and diet coke and "better than se* cake"! They can only come if they bring me a present! (hee hee)The hordierves table! (NO idea how to spell that!)
My hot date!
I don't know if you can tell that the yard is tented and heated (it was cold that night!) and the decorations were just beautiful!
There was a little cabana tent further in the back yard where you could sit and be alone or take a phone call (the music ROCKED)! Here I sit with a glass of.....diet coke! It sure felt a lot fancier in that fancy glass! Fancy diet coke tastes WAY better than can diet coke and even BETTER when it is all you can drink!

Kim's mom (Pat) flew out and it was SOooooo much fun to visit with her and see her again! Samantha the birthday girl looked BEAUTIFUL! Ford is always a wonderful host and puts everyone at ease! I love how he makes you feel like family! We had a GREAT time and can't wait to spend time with them again! (Even if the diet coke doesn't run freely!) :)


Ceperich Family said...

What a fancy night .Wow ! I am glad you have such a good friends there in CA . And where did you got your HOT date , girl ?How lucky you are ;)

Shake-N-Bake said...

Suzy! You look so good! I'm jealous! Looks like a fun night!