Family Home Evening Daddy style!

Brandon taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and this is what we got! Not that good right? It never is! When it is his turn to teach I know I am going to have to step in and help him figure something out. I usually have to do all the visual aides because....well...let's face it.....he struggles! SO GRUMPY that he can pull this out of his talented little hat! I will show him what a REAL FHE is! I WILL MAKE A DIORAMA OF THE CREATION OF THE EARTH! I WILL BE SOOOOO SPIRITUAL THE CHILDREN WILL WEEP AT MY FEET AND BEG ME TO TEACH THEM MORE AND SAY "PLEASE MOMMY CAN WE SKIP THE TREATS BECAUSE BASKING IN YOUR SPIRITUALITY IS TREAT ENOUGH!" ahhhhhhhhh I feel better all ready!


Alison said...

I feel your pain. Have him do the armor of God next. We had fun with that one.

Ceperich Family said...

Hahaha you gave me a good lough ( ? not sure with the spelling , but oh ..well ).You guys doing better than us by long mile ;)

Kaela said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...that's all I've got for you on this one, giggles picturing this little rant in your voice :)