Juliet's tricks!

Juliet is by far our most independent and stubborn. She doesn't walk yet (16 months) and doesn't say much but she understands everything. Even when you help her walk when she is done she will pull her legs up and hang! SOOOO infuriating! You can never get her to perform when you want her too. She does what she wants when she wants! She is strong and amazing and frightfully aggravating! I love her independence and strong personality.

I did catch her blowing kisses for the camera! (She doesn't really blow kisses she just puts her hand to her mouth and that is all you get. If you don't like it then move on to another kid....her saying .... not mine!) She does this when Brandon is leaving in the morning and sometimes when she is going to bed. She has just started doing it when you say I love you to her but if you say it to much she gets annoyed and just slaps her hand to her mouth and pulls it down quick! My FAVORITE thing she does is wink! She won't do it all the time but when she does it is AMAZING and hilarious. You can't really tell here but this is all I could get. Her winking is usually with both eyes and crunching her nose! We always laugh so she smiles when she winks. It is super cute!
Another one of her tricks is just being crazy cute! Heart melting cute! She will charm the tuffest of the tuff! She has a great sense of humor and LOVES to flirt! I adore this little girl! Brandon doesn't have a chance with her. All our kids melt his heart but for some reason she has his heart wrapped up in her wink and smiles!

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Mandie said...

LOL! I so totally miss not being able to get to know her!! =(