The Kiwi Diorama

Darby had to do a diorama on a wild animal of her choice. HER choice was the kiwi bird. I said "Kiwi is a fruit baby, lets pick a Lion or Shark or something!" She said, "Kiwi is a bird found in New Zealand or Australia and everyone will do a lion or a shark , I am choosing the kiwi!" SO I went to Wal-Mart and found some feathers and pipe cleaners and play- doh. Daddy dug through his art stuff and pulled out some sculpty clay and wire and fake hair (their feathers look more like hair than feathers.) Daddy's stuff won. I was feeling a little dejected until a light went on that said " I don't ever have to do a pine wood derby car, or planet project, or science project or diorama!" I get to show up and be proud and support them but read a book while they do it or add a suggestion! YAY! DADDY WINS! Needless to say , her diorama ROCKED! All B did was help bend the wires (that are under the clay) and help her with the hair! (Hair + glue = mess) She sculpted, painted, glued, and created the entire thing! I was one proud mommy! I even learned a lot about Kiwi's! They are only one of a few birds that are monogamous! (good birdy) and the egg takes up so much room that in the end the mommy has to fast for a few days cause there is no room for food! (rip off) The report that Darby wrote that went along with the diorama:
Kiwi's are small birds that cannot fly. Their habitat is in New Zealand. It has beautiful canopy plants and some plants that even look like green lava spitting out of the ground.

Kiwi's can use their strong legs to dig up dirt for their dens. Their den can be a hollow log with a nest inside. Their nest is not organized; they just throw leaves and sticks inside. moss grows on their habitat so predators cannot find them so easily. In one or two days they move out and make a new den.

Kiwi's are nocturnal. Their feathers look a lot like hair. their eggs are very big compared to the Kiwi's body size. I did a diorama on Kiwis because not a lot of people know about Kiwis. My mom thought it was just a fruit! I would like to thank my dad for his help and encouragement!


Alison said...

I love the kiwi bird she made! Jake does the same thing. You should have seen our pinewood derby cars! He and the kids spent hours on them. We lost spectacularly!

Ceperich Family said...

I love it !!! Wow she is so talanted just like dad . Good job :)

Sharlynn said...

IMPRESSIVE! Way to go Darby that looks awesome.

Bittles said...

that is soo awesome! I like that good birdy. And I am so jealous, Jon might do the dishes but he will never no never do a school project