Library Station!

Our Library Station! Darby's teacher sent a note home and asked that we set up a special, comfortable place to read and encourage reading as "fun"! SO being "every woman" I carved out a corner in the dining room. We have comfy bean bags that Nana gave us and a couple pillows and the library books (maybe this way they won't get lost). I love to hear Darby say "Let's go read in the Library Station". Who knows how long it will last for her or me. I am sure the first time I feel to cluttered or have to vacuum over there it will be one of the first things to go, but as for now it is there to enjoy and makes me feel like a "good mom". (Now if I will just read to them!) I love that their favorite way to read is in their undies! Isn't that everyone's favorite way to read?

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Dane and Natalie said...

Now that is cute! I love the reading in the underwear, too.