Crazy Jeffords/Thomas clan!

When we went to Utah this summer we got to see some of our best friends from Texas, the Thomas'! It was tons of fun to see them and as you can see they fit in with our clan! You can't tell who's kid is who's because one is as goofy as the next. We had a great time with them and the only bad part was saying good bye! I am going to blog the rest of our Utah trip this week but when I found this picture it made me laugh to the point that I needed to share right away! What fun kiddos! (Top: Curtis, my nephew. Middle: Gracie, my niece, Darby, and Hailey Thomas. Bottom: Tanner Thomas, Max, and Dash.)


Tiffany said...

Man those girls in the middle look super smart! They must have awesome parents....All I have to say is those are some good lookin kiddos! (besides being awesome their parents must be smokin hot)

Dane and Natalie said...

There are two empty spots in that picture :(. They all look a little "special" but they are so cute. And they have smokin' parents, of course. I have been groovin' to your blog music for like an hour. I love it!

The Parkers said...

I hate to break it to you, but that kid in the front appears to have a severe case of Crazy and unfortunately it seems to be spreading.