Halloween, Halloween, So much fun on Halloween!

We decorated for Halloween today! SOOOOOO much fun! Here are the kiddos with Franky and Betsy the Witch. They both sing songs and the kids claim they are married!
Here are two little punkin's! Our scary candy dish sings when you try to get some candy! One time Tanner Thomas was trying to "sneak" a little piece of candy and the skeleton said "Hey! I ain't got no body...." Poor Tanner jumped down and started to cry. I felt really bad but Tiff and I had a good laugh later. Tanner didn't eat from that dish any more!
Dash was so warn out from all our decorating he had to relax on the couch with a blanket Nana made a us a few years ago! One of my favorite Halloween decorations is this hat that I made with Natalie and Tiffany. (We all made one for our selves and got the idea from a friend in another ward.) They are made out of a Cornucopia turned upside down and painted black. Then you decorate it with your own little bits of Halloween fun. It was a fun night with all of us together and so cool to see our different personalities in the hats. I would like to say it was a cheap little project but we couldn't get them under 20$ and that was with sharing some of our supplies! I guess you could make them any size though and that might help the cost. SO CUTE and worth every penny to make the memory with my friends!

Another favorite decoration I have is a hand me down from my parents. My dad painted this when I was in grade school. It used to be in my mom's house but she gave it to me one Halloween after I was married. I love the little details he put into it and it brings back fond memories of Halloweens at home. We hung some stuff outside and have a few more decorations around the house. At the end of the night the kids and I had a blast and now we just can't wait for Halloween. Darby said she was excited to decorate for Thanksgiving next!


Tiffany said...

It's so not fair!! It just doesn't seem like the holidays with out the Jeffords house! I love my hat too. It is definantly one of my fav decorations. I do have to say I miss my pumpkin choco chip cookies (specialy made just for me, right?)!! Thanks for putting up the pics.

Love ya

Sharlynn said...

I miss coming to your decorated house. You are so good at that and it looks like you are wearing off on Darby. She will do the same thing which makes things so fun for kids. Way to go!

Chad or Lisa Meyer said...

I love these holidays. You have great decorations, I love it.

Mandie said...

I love my hat, it is still my fav halloween deco! Mine hangs on my door =D We will sure be sad this year without all of our friends!!