Miz Jackson if your Nasty!

Last Wednesday Hil took me to the Janet Jackson concert! SOOOOO much fun! We had a great time together! I was ready to rock out but being 8 months pregnant the only thing that really rocks out is your bladder! Hil and I realized our age when we rushed to get on the road by 6:45 at the latest. We walked in at about 7:20 (the tickets said concert at 7:30). Forgetting from our younger more concert going years that concerts really start later than the ticket says. At 8:30 I yawned at Hilary and said I didn't know if I was even going to make it for Janet to hit the stage! I knew I still had an opening act then they would reset for her to come on. We are talking 10:00 at least. We both felt very old. I don't know what happened to the opening act but she came on at about 8:45 and was well worth the wait! She rocked it out old school with lots of her choreography from her videos that we used to copy in dance! My favorite of course was Nasty Boys! "No my name ain't Baby, it's Suzy, Miz Jeffords if your Nasty!" There was one section that I could have done with out (it was way over the top and super rated R). Hil and I left shortly after that. All and all it was a great night with my friend Hil and my girl Janet! I was a little sad to not buy a "Nasty Girl" tank top (40$) so I will make one with a sharpy! Thanks Hil.... I can't wait for ACDC!

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Chris and Mary said...

That is so cool you went to a Janet Jackson concert! You will definitely have to recreate the shirt :)
Yes, your mom gave me a bunch of AWESOME blankets! They feel so soft and I can't wait to use them. I AM SO JEALOUS that Valerie is planning a baby shower for you--if we were still down there, I'd totally be all over it, too! I know it'll be fun :)