Quote of the day!

Darby came home with a paper on the White House. They are learning all these fact about it and it had little windows that opened up and said "the White House has 35 bathrooms" "the White House has 412 doors" and so on. In the front door Darby had drawn someone and so I asked her who it was.

Darby: "John McCain... I am voting for him".
Mom: "wow.... why"
Darby: "Because Oraff Obama (then she did quotation marks with her fingers) wants to FIX everyones jobs..... what if they don't want them fixed!"? Then she walked out of the room like she knew EXACTLY what she was talking about.

I think it's cute that they are talking and listening in school to each other. I don't know if I agree with all her politics but she is very passionate about what she thinks!

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Mandie said...

LOL! I love that! Dylan just told me he wasn't going to vote for that "Barat Obama" guy because everyone talks about him too much, and people already wrote books about him. Can't argue with that logic! =D