Build a Bear Birthday!

Darby's birthday party was at Build a Bear! Such a fun place.... don't go in without your wallet because even as an adult you will end up wanting something! She had 7 friends she invited! Aubrey Durrett, Jacey Davidson (both in her primary class), Grace Bean (came straight from her baptism!) Darby, Millie (my cousin), Alex Rodriguez (old ward friend), Elaina Teran-Chavez (neighbor) , and Cara Boyer (old ward friend)! They were all so creative and different with their choices!Darby of course had to have her brothers there! They all talk about their birthday parties over and over and even hang it over each others heads at times! Max is at the stuffing machine and Dash is giving some attitude because he went over his budget with his animal choice and now doesn't get to dress his dog! To bad so sad!
The girls sat down at first to know how much money they each had to spend. Some girls brought a little extra. All the girls were GREAT to stay with in a budget!
It's hard to talk about the money side when you just want to go CRAZY!
Darby is great to entertain while they waited for everyone to stuff their animals!
When you are done stuffing you go on to "bathe" your new pet and then you get dress them and name them! Darby had a cute bunny that she named Stella Luna! Max had a dog that he dressed in a batman suit (daddy sprang for extra and went over budget....sorry Dash) and he named him Batdog! Dash got a puppy that was "naked" and he named him Braden! (His best friend that has white hair just like him:)
After the building of the bears we went upstairs to open gifts. Darby got a lot of fun things! Pet shops, Webkinz, Money, a diary, and some Polly Pockets!

It was then time to move on to the cupcakes and juice boxes! So yummy! For the first time ever mommy sprung for the store bought kind! Well worth the 11$! (I still struggle knowing that I could make them for 3$) She loved them though and it was a fun and needed change! Because we were at the mall there was really no clean up for us to do! AHHHHH!
Then to end the party they all got to ride the Carousel! Darby held on for dear life because she wasn't buckled and we all know how crazy fast a carousel can be! Daddy and Dash pose in the back!
Dash LOVES the carousel! He asks every time we go to the mall. He really only gets to on special occasions though! He always picks the cat so this was a big change to be on the ostrich!
Max is always cool! All and all it was a great day and Darby had a blast. When it was all over we were going to go to lunch just as a family. She was concerned that we had spent to much money so she said we could just go home. She is really such a good girl and we are lucky to have her in our family. I can't believe she is 8!


Dane and Natalie said...

I like stuffed animals.

Lisa Meyer said...

Happy Birthday Darby!!