Conference Weekend!

I was just talking to my friend Natalie about how I was so worried about the economy, the upcoming election and what it meant for me and my family. She said something that gave me great peace..."I feel like were being lied to every time we turn around but aren't we lucky to have General Conference this weekend where we will here only the truth!" I love her and General Conference. A weekend with just my family and the guidance of the general authorities. My kids played conference bingo, one of the greatest inventions ever! During the Gen. Y.W. Pres. talk Darby said "She sure likes the word VIRTUE". That was not a word on the bingo chart and they were listening intently so they could cross it off! I didn't know if they heard a lot but after that comment I knew they heard enough. Dash needed only little bits of help! Max was able to learn all the Apostles names by a matching game and now he knows them better than me or Brandon. It was great to hear him tell Darby "that one is Elder Bednar or he is President Uchtdorff" That was his favorite one to say and until he could say it he called him "dorkdorf"!

Another part of our conference weekend is lots of treats. We have always had friends over because we have satellite. This year all our friends had it too. I was sad because they bring such yummy treats and fun company! The Boyer's still came over with her yummy orange rolls in between sessions so we lucked out there. I said the morning of Sunday that I really missed Jennie Jo's homemade kolachis (Sp?) About 30 mins later there was a knock on the door with a super yummy WARM delivery! What good friends we have! I didn't get very many because my kids LOVE them too. Dash calls it a "hot dog sandwich" and would steal what ever you had in your hand if he didn't all ready have one! Darby said she was sure they would be easy to make but I will just continue to let Jennie Jo handle that "easy" tradition and offer a prayer of thanks every conference that I get to enjoy her "ease" !
I am so grateful to have the truth and to be able to have it fill my home! I was filled and comforted this whole weekend and now have hope and peace that replaced the fear I felt before!

Enjoying Miss Jennie Jo's Kolachis!


Mandie said...

Too funny! I have been worried about conference all week, and was sure the prophet was going to say "Mandie-you're not doing enough!". I was pleasantly surprised and very comforted by all of the talks. My fav was the laundry and the toys can wait! LOL

Chris said...

Stop all the Lies! Vote Obama!

Luv Ya