A bed for Callie.

Darby has been saving her allowance to take to her Build -a- Bear birthday party to buy extras. Yesterday when we went to Walgreens we saw this little cat bed and she insisted on spending her 9$ and borrowing $1 from me to buy it for Callie. I suggested maybe we come back and get it for Christmas for her but Darby wouldn't hear of it! Callie LOVES to sleep on stuffed animals. She digs her nails into them then nestles down to snooze. When she sleeps with Darby, she always makes sure Callie has a stuffed animal near her so she can rest peacefully!
Needless to say Callie LOVES it. We put her in it at first and she rested for a while. Then after I put the kids to bed I cam down stairs and found her asleep on her own this time! Darby is such a sweet girl to always think of her pet! What a lucky cat Callie is!

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