Things you never thought you would hear or say!

I will have to amend the title of this because I feel it is going to be a common theme! You will have to read below to see how it was created but OK so I JUST barely posted this afternoon about this and tonight I did it!!!!
Our kids LOVE FHE. Some weeks it gets put off a night or two and there is always tantrums and whining when it happens. Tonight I am tired and frustrated and DONE! SO I send them to get jammies on letting them know that we would just read some scriptures and the whining continued. Then the words came out of my mouth..... "I am tired of the whining and crying ! If I want to FART and call it FHE then it is FHE and no one will cry about it!" Yes I really said it. I am not sure why it came out of my mouth. I am pretty sure I meant to say something sweet like "love at home" or "I am soooo happy you are all soooo passionate about FHE".

We had FHE and when it was over Darby said "I have one more FHE to do...... (insert fart noise here)..... " Ha ha ha ha ..... the whole family laughed and now apparently I say things as wonderful as my kids. I will chalk it up to being REALLY tired and very pregnant and maybe even pretend it was Brandon that said it!


Alison said...

he he he ... still chuckling

Sharlynn said...

I died laughing when I read what you said, because I could totally see you saying it. It was if I were there. I miss coming over on those long hot afternoons and just letting our kids play. You were such a lifesaver too me. Thanks for making me laugh and thanks for the good times!

Dani's Blog said...

LOL dude you rock!! I miss you and your fun ways.... I love your family to death and wished we still lived near ya!!!