Girls Night Out!

Darby was invited to see the play "Cinderella" at a preforming arts school with our neighbor Alaina! It is a really fun theater because all the productions are put on by children 6-18 and they all the technical stuff too. She was so excited to have a girls night out! They dressed up for the night and she even got to put on perfume and lip gloss! The girls worked all day on a poster to take to the play for the cast members. It was Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother and it said "We hope you get to go to Broadway"! Dash REALLY wanted to go and thought that his "night time undies" were the appropriate attire!
I really wanted a picture of just the girls but Dash had other plans and Darby handled it with grace the entire time, never losing her cool!
One last photo of such a big girl headed out the door. Darby got to borrow and evening clutch of mommy's and she had her lip gloss and $2.00. (Dash is still clinging to the thought that maybe he can still make it! )
When Darby got home (after 9:30!) she had such fun stories to tell. Alaina's dad paid for them to attend the "Tea Party" at intermission where they had cupcakes with pumpkins on top and lemonade or tea. She let me know that she did not partake in the tea part and encouraged her friend not to either. (She also had to let me know that she had to keep her sweater on the whole time as to be modest..."good thing the theater was chilly"). At the tea party Prince Charming and Cinderella came in to greet their guests. The prince asked anyone if they wanted to dance and the only volunteer that was brave enough was Darby! They danced "like grown-ups" and he said he liked her shoes, her dress and her name and then it was time for him to go! After it was over they got to get autographs on their programs. Some of the autographs are barely legible because they are written by the "mouse" played by a 6 year old! Prince Charming was 17 and Darby recognized him as the Dentist from when we went over the summer to see "Little Shop of Horrors"! Darby had a great time and is even considering her options to attend the performing arts school there! :) What a big girl!

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Chris and Mary said...

Darby looks so grown up in these pictures--I LOVE her dress!