Welcome ROCCO!

Again we had to take a picture of a picture but I couldn't wait to show off my new nephew! This is Rocco Jeremy D'Anna! (Everyone goes to homecoming with Rocco! ... what a great name! :) He is Brandon's sister's new baby! Congratulations Wendy and Matt and big sister Olivia and big brother D'Andre! This picture doesn't do him justice because he really is the cutest little creature I have ever seen and I know how to make some cute little babies! He was born October 5th 2008. 8 pounds 5 oz 21 in. I am sooooo happy for them and the only sadness I feel is that we don't live closer so we could all grow up together! What a sweet little man!

I will totally understand if you want to scribble your mouse all over his face because he is soooooo cute! I know he makes me grit my teeth a lot and shake! That is one cute baby!

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