The Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday we did our "jobs" and then ran off to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch! It is all free and they have tons of fun stuff to do! Max (with the help of Dad) got on top of a GIANT roll of hay that was stacked up on TONS of hay bales! I didn't think he would dare but he almost didn't need help!
Dash had to pose this way because we have pictures from 2 years ago of him and I posing like this. He wasn't coaxed or anything! We tried to get him to sit on the pumpkin but he insisted on this!
Dash couldn't decide what window to get in and he just kept opening and shutting them. Max was sick of the sun in his eyes so this is what we ended up with!
The hay rides are always the parents favorite part. It's about 10 minutes of just sitting while someone else does all the work!
Sunglasses because when you are pregnant you forget a lot of things..... like make-up!
Dash was the most content on the hayride. He was too grumpy that day to even go in the bounce houses! He went in one for about 3 minutes. Long enough to have to take off his shoes but then have to put them right back on again!
We crossed over the fence to the neighboring pumpkin patch (I do not recommend that!) They had pony rides ($3.00/child). We caved and they all got to ride one time! The camera battery died when it got to be our turn to ride!
One of the most favorite parts is the hay maze! Max LOVES mazes of any sort and he went through it the most. They have this small one and this year they made an even bigger one. They don't allow parents in either. When we got to the entrance of the big one I asked Max to wait for Darby to go in with him and Daddy to position himself to be able to see them. The pumpkin patch was really busy and I was worried he would get stuck. He agreed and I turned to take a picture of Dash and Max was gone! I panicked and screamed his name! (He would never go in after I told him not to!) Sure enough Brandon was able to see his little head running through the maze with no help! Needless to say he was in a little trouble!
It didn't seem to dampen his spirits though when he came out of the maze! This is the small one. The big one stood taller than me so I couldn't see him if he was in the middle!
He was very happy to be able to take pictures with Darth and Yoda!
Dash of course had to pose by a PINK Backyardigan!
This is by far the best picture we could get of all three of them together! I can't wait for family pictures this year!


Dani's Blog said...

LOL!!! I just love that last photo.. it totally made me laugh out loud... Love your family!!!

Tiffany said...

So did you see the Thomas family while you were there? Hmmm,it probably wasn't the same without them huh? I love the pics, I need a copy of the last one, its pretty awesome!

Tiffany said...

oh yeah, tell Darby to say hi to mary ellen for me!!

Lisa Meyer said...

So fun! I love the pumpkin patch!