Things you never thought you would hear or say!

There are some things as a mom that you never thought you would hear or say in your life. Like, "Please don't lick the cheese off the Doritos." "Please wear underwear on the furniture." "Don't put your fingers in your bum!" I never thought I would have to say these things to another human but they have come out of my mouth! I decided to put them down along with the quote of the days so that I don't forget them! Some of them can be kind of graphic....but they are still said by little mouths and sometimes your own.

Today I heard one that made me shake my head! Max was taking a moment on the potty and called out to me "Mom do you think it would be ok to have another piece of gum? This one fell on my wiener?" "Yes son, that is definitely a reason to get a new piece of gum!"

I guess I should just be happy he asked for a new piece of gum!


Dane and Natalie said...

I love those "T-Shirt" sayings. I always want to put them on a t-shirt and wear them around because they are so great. My all time favorite had to be "Braden, how did you poop on top of that car track?" The gum on the wiener thing is good too. It might be a toss up!

Tiffany said...

I like gum!