Trunk or Treat

Getting ready for Trunk or Treat! Dash has wanted to be tons of things. A fairy, a butterfly, a bunny, a cat, then a tiger. We were ok with the tiger but it didn't fit so he settled on a skeleton. Daddy does the BEST make-up so Dash was pretty excited. We weren't sure how he would do but.....he was REALLY excited when it was all done. He felt VERY scary!

He pulled MANY scary faces!
And poses!
Max was Indiana Jones! He was the BEST Indi ever! Brandon and I were really proud of the "idol" we had made for him. He was pretty excited too. He kept saying "Give me the whip.....give me the idol...." from the movie. Unfortunately he dropped the idol at trunk or treat and it shattered before it even began.
Darby wanted to be something really scary this year. We had a witch costume and spiced it up to be a "vampire witch". Daddy again did the make-up and she really was scary!
I wasn't sure how I felt about how scary she turned out but she was really really excited so I couldn't worry to much about it. Last year she was Hannah Montana.....this year.... well, scary!
My cousin Millie had slept over for Darby's party and stayed for trunk or treat! She was a secret agent! It was a super cute costume. Darby and Dash again pose as the "undead". Dash was happy to be Darby's skeleton cat! ???????
Darby and Millie again!
My three hoodlums! (Max traded the idol for a rubber snake).
This is what happened on the WAY to trunk or treat. Not even dark out side and we were all falling asleep!
Dash was fading and he kept being really careful the way he would lay down so not to mess up his make-up.
Once we got there we had to wait some more. Max/Indiana was just ready to get to the candy!
This little cutie is Caleb. I had to snap him because he borrowed a costume that my mom had made. My nephew Curtis wore it and then Dash last year. Caleb I think may be the cutest in it though. His dad liked the costume so much that he asked his wife if she thought I would sell it to him. Sorry Brother Boydston. One more baby then we will see.... but my mom made it so maybe not!
Now that trunk or treat is over I am trying to pass it off as Halloween and see if my kiddos will let us stay in and have a "Halloween Party". I think if they weren't in school, I might be able to pull it off, but I am sure Brandon will have to take them out for at least an hour. At any rate.... Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!


Sharlynn said...

I think your kids look awesome. We need to borrow Brandon. Madison would be much happier with his paint jobs than she is with her daddy's. Do you think we could borrow him on FRIDAY?

Lisa Meyer said...

It was great to see you there. I loved the kids costumes, very cute!!

Dani's Blog said...

I loved the pics... Zack was indiana as well... LOL I dont know when I will get the pics up though.. LOL