Piano lessons begin!

Darby had her first piano lesson today and she LOVED it! She is taking from Sister Butler in our ward and I don't think there could be a better teacher for her! Sister Butler is trading lessons for a portrait from Brandon. She is excited to be receiving art work and we are blessed to have her be so willing to trade! Darby has to practice the lessons she gave her 5x each every day (about 15 mins). She came right home and started . She got a little discouraged towards the end because it felt like soooo much but she is a really hard worker so I know she will be o.k. We are so excited for her!


Chris and Mary said...

Tell Darby to hang in there because she will totally appreciate that talent when she is older. I still regret from time to time that I didn't stick with the piano.
She'll be awesome!

Tiffany said...

How fun! Hailey can't wait to start piano, I will have to have Hailey call her so they can talk all about it.

Lisa Meyer said...

That is one talent I wish that I had. If only she could see into the future and know how great it would be to have that skill. So Fun! What a great trade.