Halloween Nickelodeon and ward party!

We were invited to go to Nickelodeon again for Trick or Treating.  It was on the same day as our ward party so we were in for some FUN TIMES!  Jake and Finn before we headed out!  
They thought this was HILARIOUS!!  Jake eating Finns head.
Most of the cast!
I love Juliet in this one!  Nana made her dress!  Thanks Nana!  It was PERFECT!  The ones in the store weren't nearly this good and they were 40.00!  This one she can keep for a LONG time!
Here we are at NICK with Mark Sperber (Sperbs)  I handed off my costume because it was hot and hard to get through the halls in.  I don't think he minded because everyone LOVED our costumes and Nickelodeon and he was getting TONS of comments.
Dancing in the Fairly Odd Parents room.

Nick ALWAYS puts on a great party!
The Ice King..... I say more about him in the next post!
Defeating the Ice King!

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