The Sanfords....

When we were in Utah I got to visit one of my very best friends (a few times) Natalie. Her kids happen to be some of my kids bests friends also! Here I am meeting my new favorite Sanford, baby Cole. I wanted to steal him sooooo badly! I even liked his cry. I don't think I set him down the entire time I was there (every time). I may have even spoiled him a bit so that Nat had to hold him more when we left. Oh well....he deserves it, cute baby! I did have to fight Max for him though. Max LOVED holding him. I love this cute picture of Baby Cole!
We took the kiddos to Chick-fil-e for lunch and as we were eating we saw these monkeys pressed behind the glass.
Some of them may have been licking the glass.....
can you guess which ones? So gross. Where are their parents?

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