The Alpine Slide

There is a GIANT slide up in Park City. We took the kids up to try it out! It was really fun because you have to take the ski lift up to it. Kind of scary though when there is no snow underneath you but a cool experience for everyone involved! Here we are after we got off the ski lift pulling our "sleds" up to the slide. Max chose to go down the "fast" slide! The sleds have a brake system that you pull up when you want to slow down. This is the slide that goes down the WHOLE mountain with dips and curves.
Darby was up next.
She wanted to make sure she had ALL the instructions correctly. She was a little nervous because it was a little overcast and was sprinkling on our way up. One of the instructions were that if it started to rain then you needed to stop and get off your sled, take it off the slide and walk down the mountain.
Dash wasn't tall enough to ride alone (very upset about it too) so he rode with Uncle Ryeley. Uncle Rye was cool to let him have the controls though and he said that "little man" was a scary driver!
Curtis and Gracie went also. I didn't get their pictures because I had to go on the "slow" side with Juliet. It wasn't very slow and Juliet did NOT appreciate it. She kept saying/crying "dis is fun? did is fun?" I thought it was. :)

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