I'm at my parents. One of my favorite places to be. I can't sleep. Probably because my hubby isn't here and I like him in my bed with me. :( All through out this day I have had this crazy feeling that I need to change some things in my life. Not knowing what these "things" are I just keep pushing the gnawing feeling out of my head. It could be a lot of things though. My health. Spirituality. My home. Parenting. The list is endless on all accords! I'm not sure. I am sure it is something I will have to ponder and even seek friendly advise. (It could be that I get to go see my good friend/ marriage counselor Melinda and I am excited/terrified that I will spill all my beans and she will have the best/hard advice ever! I love her. The end.) I keep THINKING that MAYBE I am biting off more than I can chew in my life so then it feels like I suck at EVERYTHING. I think that is why Alison's blog post that I stole hit so close to home. I am definitely hanging on by nails Suzy as of late. Maybe when my teeth and sinus garbage is taken care of I will feel better about life. Maybe I need to cut the "fat" in all areas. At any rate, I put it out there in writing and now I can't ignore it! We'll see. Exciting? Scary? Daunting? Exhausting? WHEW!


Chubz said...

I really have a strong feeling that something is telling you to take a vacation to the Capitol. Probably because some Senators here need to hear about the plight of stay at home moms...and also your sister in law Wendy needs a serious tan. Your niece and nephews need to see you get crunk and secret agent man would like to share a conversation about numbers or whatever those two dream about in their weird minds. I'm pretty sure that I am right.

Abbey said...

Love your honesty! I am just like you, in that sometimes I just have to put it in writing or type it just to put it out there!!! Hang in there and keep your eyes and your heart looking up... that's where all your answers are!!!!!