Cutest pirate party EVER!

My friend Amy REALLY knows how to put on a party! This was at her son, Luke's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese! Now if it were me, the party would just be Chuck-E-Cheese because I am a bit, how do you say it.......tired, overwhelmed, and lazy! Amy on the other hand is adorable, on the ball and not lazy in the slightest! SO I had to blog about it because it really was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!

The table cloths......adorable and not something that even I wouldn't be able to do! Plates....so cute! But the topper for me was the cute jars of pirate themed candies! SO CUTE!
Gold treasures! And look at the message in the bottle too! Adorable!
Red vines!
My FAVORITE! Gummy Sharks!
Swedish fish!
These were the goody bags! She made them. The end! I usually HATE goodie bags. Amy and I have had this conversation for you. I always feel super bad when I get a goodie bag full of junk that is going to break before we get out of the van. I feel like the mom just gave me a 5$ bill to throw in the trash! I have to apologize to Amy because I think I gave her a complex! ;) Her goodie bags chalk full of the BEST things! An eye patch (going in the dress up box) a ring pop (yum) swedish fish (more yum) a compass (into the dress up box, guy box, or outside to play safari) a pirate guy (going in the guy box). I know that there was more great things in there but that is all I can remember for now! Thank You Amy for the amazing guilt free goody bags! We all loved them! AND sorry to all the other mommies I have offended or stressed out with my feelings on goodie bags! :)
Pirates Booty was the goodie bag for the adults! What? You just fed my kids and let them have an endless supply of tokens! Thank you for my yummy treat. Juliet loves pirate booty so she may have taken 3!
Dash.....had an amazing time!
Darby........had an amazing time!
Juliet.......had an amazing time!
This was the yard of gum that JULIET had won! Amy had warned me about it too. (I thought it was like the yard of gum that you can buy at 7-11 in the little circle container with the baseball player on it!) She put a pirate ship on the back of a few chairs. (I thought just decoration) When she told the kids to look on their chairs I had my kids looking under them. Amy showed us the ship on the BACK of Juliet's chair and she had won! Juliet LOVES that this is her gum! She is happy to share with the other kids though and they are happy she won too! She will let you know that this is HER gum though!

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