A visit from the Church's

Once a year (I wish more) we get to see our friends the Church's! They are more like family! Kelly comes and does a Pampered Chef show for me and then we get to play play play! Here are all our kids before we took them downtown L.A. to the fashion district. I would not recommend ever taking 7 kids downtown. I was a bit of a stress case but the kids were good and Kel is great at staying calm! (Juliet thinks the fashion district is her own personal jewelry box.....not a good idea!) Dash, Maverick, Indiana, Max, Jada, Darby and Juliet! Kelly sang Juliet a song on the car ride home. (TRAFFIC!) Poor Kel had to sing it over and over and it was NOT a short song. It was a Christmas song about a doll. I really loved it and would love to learn it! That night Juliet didn't want anyone but Aunt Kel to sing her a song before bed. What a little stinker!
After Church on Sunday we caught Brandon "reading"! We were laughing pretty hard at him! Sound asleep.
Then we went to find Bret and he was straight up sleeping in our "reading nook"! So funny!
I don't know what we are doing here but it looks fun! We always have TONS of fun with them. Laugh hard, cheeks hurt, stomach pain FUN! more pictures to come!

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