cute hair!

This is Jen! She is my friend and my hair stylist! After Kat moved I was sad and scared and didn't know what to do about my hair. Isn't it terrible when you lose a hair stylist? You have to start all over and pray they don't chop it or fry it or charge you 300$. Jen's little girl was in Dash's class and she had been wanting to trade me hair stuff for tans all year! We are both sooooo happy here! (I miss Kat still....don't get me wrong!) After she was all done she showed me how to curl my hair with the loose curls! I felt so purty!
Not a stitch of make up! We had a great time and I left feeling gorgeous! I can't wait to go back! I do have to give Jen another shout out! She is literally one of the kindest most giving and thoughtful people I have ever met. She has given more than one of her tans (that we trade) away to someone as a gift or a pick me up! It gives me a new client and takes one of her tans away! She really is a great example of Christ like love! She gives openly with out expecting anything in return! She is also really open about her religion and asking me questions about mine! It is tons of fun to talk to her about being Jewish since the only thing I know about the Jewish religion comes from Fiddler on the Roof! (a movie she's never seen!) I seriously adore her! Thanks Jen! :)

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