homemade drive in movies

We found a drive in here in L.A. but it was 45 minutes away. We even considered going. When you factor the drive, with the time the movie starts and gas money and the possibility of traffic, and chasing Juliet all around, it seemed like a lot of work and we would be getting home LATE! SO we decided to do a drive-in movie in the back yard.

1st thing, design your car. (lucky kids, daddy is an artist or you would be sitting in a box that I let you color with markers. :)

I was in charge of concessions. I made the kids sing for what they wanted. Dash sang Grand ol' Flag. Max sang Baby by Justin Beiber and Darby and Brandon sang You are My Sunshine together. I went with my good ol' back up On My Own from Les' Miserable! The kids were howling and saying that I shattered their windshields. Ungrates!

They all had such cool cars.
Darby designed hers after a "slug bug".
Dash's looked like a boot. His looked the biggest but really had the smallest cab to sit in.
Max's was a "Tron-mobile".
Daddy cutting a little windshield out so he could see the movie!
The BIG screen is up!
DUH DUH DUH du nu nu nu nu DUH DUH DUH. DUH DUH DUH. DUH DUH DUH. du du du du DUH! (20th century fox theme)
Tonight's feature "Diary of a Wimpy Kid....Rodrick Rules". (SO cute)
Now just sit back and enjoy! They stayed in their cars the whole movie. It was a great time and I hope a memory they will have forever! WAY better than any ol' drive in!


Kaela said...

You guys are the cutest family!!

Chubz said...

Best parent award goes to....Brandon and Sue!

Lindsey said...

Ok that is SUCH a cute idea!! I hope that I can come up with fun creative ideas like that for my kids, but since I lack creative genius, I'll probbaly just steal yours. Oh, and I'd like to borrow your husband for assistance in creating the cars. Well done!

Abbey said...

Serious Mommy envy over here!!! Great idea!!!! Will copy some day when I have boxes and time :))))

cheri said...

Scott did this for a combined mutual activity and they watched Johnny Lingo. Was a huge success. We had some very creative youth, and pretty much every style of car or motorcycle. We even had a VW bus! Great idea!