Pirate Beach!

We went to a beach while the Church's visited. It was a beach that we had never gone to before. It was about 50 minutes away and we hit some traffic so it took well over an hour. The whole time I kept thinking this dang beach better be worth it! We have a beach in almost every direction that is only 20-30 minutes away.
When we got there though it was WELL worth the drive. There is a pirate park that is TONS of fun and from the park you walk down to the beach. The beach had hardly anyone on it! We had a BLAST!
The waves where "HUGE" to the kids and they all loved playing in them!
Dash loved running away from the waves!
Darby letting them rush over her.
Max almost got knocked over by them!

Juliet loves to play in the sand.
Kel, giving the kids a wave.
Mav just left that sand on his face. It was pretty funny because it was coated on there really thick!
Bret and Kel!
Dash and Mav!
The girls.
Me and B! I love that you can see my hand shadow taking the picture!
Darby and Indi acting like fools! I wish you could see their faces better because they were trying to "out ugly" the other person! Darby was really giving Indi a run for his money!
Dash is not a fan of being cold.
Indi and Jada! You can't deny that they are siblings. Such a cute picture!
Uncle Bret digging a big enough hole to bury a boy in!
Dash excited to be buried.
All buried!
Juliet made some sand "sculptures". Every night since this she has thanked Heavenly Father in her prayers for her sea horses and fish in in the sand.
Burying Dash!
Mav all buried! Both boys liked it because they were warm in the sand. The beach was REALLY breezy so it would get a little chilly if you were not in the sun and really chilly if you were wet! We had sooooo much fun at this beach. It's in Oxnard if you get a chance to go. I don't know what the real name is but we call it the Pirate Park Beach or the 1 hour beach!

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