Tyler Cowley....a true friend!

This is Tyler. He is who Max considers his best friend! Tyler is one of Brandon's young men at church. He is 14. He is a GREAT kid! We actually adore his whole family but this is a post about Tyler! A couple months ago Tyler's grandfather passed away. After the funeral his mom stayed back to help her mom. I had the privilege of picking up Tyler and his little sister (Jenna, 5th grade.....rock star status at the kids school and all around a doll to be with!) Instead of taking them home right away I held them hostage at our house. These kids played and played and played! It was so fun to see the older kids playing right along side the younger kids and having such a great time. (I don't think it hurts that girls mature faster than boys. It seemed like all the kids were on level playing ground some of the time...... Jenna, Darby, Tyler, Max, Austin also 14, Dash and Juliet....more of a pet!) They played Gypsy, and Restaurant, and video games. Tyler and Austin took Max around the corner where the ice cream truck parks by the Jr. High. Max felt like the big man on campus then! Tyler and his family travel a lot during the summer. Grandparents have ranches and horses and they get to do all kinds of fun things. The sad thing about that is that it takes them all away from us! Tyler came over a few days before leaving and when it was time for him to go Max broke down in tears because he wasn't going to see his "best friend" all summer. Tyler got out of the car and ran to Max and gave him a HUGE bear hug picking him up and everything! I cry just thinking about it. Here is a 14 year old boy who could have very easily just waved and not given my Max a second thought. Instead he embraced him and told him he would miss him and really made Max feel like a friend! Max decided to the only way to ease his pain was to make Tyler a "travel bag" full of treats and a package of legos for the drive to Utah. He put candies from a goodie bag that he had received at a party, vanilla cokes because that is Tyler's favorite, Legos, and I think a pirate eye patch. Max gave it to Tyler before he left and told him he didn't need to share it with anyone if he didn't want to! :) Tyler took pictures with both my boys and hugged them again! I just can't say enough about this kid! I am so very grateful that my son has someone to look up to and that someone is kind and thoughtful to others around him! Thank you Tyler for taking time out for my boys and Thank you Cowleys for raising him up right! We love you guys!

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