Natural History Museum

We went to the Natural History Museum one Saturday and they had a special for a family pass for the year that was only about 20 bucks more than the fee to enter. OF COURSE we will buy that! That gets us into the butterfly exhibit and the spider exhibit in the fall. It also gets you into the La Brea tar pits and discounts on the sleepovers that they have in the museum! Very exciting especially since the Dinosaur exhibit will be up and running this month and we get the v.i.p. showing of it as "members"! We had a great day and I see many more trips with friends and family in our future! Juliet DID NOT appreciate the bear!
I don't know what it is but I was impressed that there was really something like this not just in the movies!
Not the best picture of the giant dino in the lobby but we are so excited to go back and see the rest of the exhibits. We came home this night and watched "Night at the Museum II" and had a blast seeing some of the things we just saw! (even though this is L.A. and that was D.C.)

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