Kindergarten Culmination!!!

This was seriously the cutest day ever! Dash wanted to wear a shirt and tie. He was the only little boy that did! SO sweet! They sang some super cute songs and said their favorite things about kindergarten. His was the Turnip play that they did. They also said what they wanted to be when they grew up! There were fire fighters because they wanted to help people. Nurses because they wanted to help people feel better. Secret Agents so they could catch bad guys. Dash stood up loud and proud (a saying we use all the time) and said "I want to be a pet store owner BECAUSE I LOVE HAMSTERS!!!!" cue applause and laughter!
They also sang a song that made me cry! It was to the tune of "New York, New York"! Went like this........ "Start spreadin' news! Culminating today! We're gonna be a part of it FIRST GRADE FIRST GRADE! We learned our ABC's and our 123's so weeeeelllll, we learned our sounding out words and stories to teeeeellllll. Don't ask us to rhyme, we'll say tens and pens, WE want to be a part of it FIRST GRADE FIRST GRADE! We want to be a part of it with all our FRIENDSSSS!! If we can make it there, we will make it anywhere, SO we're on our way FIRST GRADE FIRST GRAAAAADDDDEEEEE! YAH! (cue mommy crying over her big first grader!)

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