So I just read my last post and all I have to say is "EW!" Depressing note to leave on. Yes I am still fighting with my health but I have a lot of things to be grateful for. Healthy kids who love me even when I am not at my best! A place that pays me to inspire others and get healthy at the same time (even if it hurts my teeth). New clothes from Tiffany's closet (love it)! Friends who pray for me and love me even when I am ugly or boring! A cute little lady saying "weady and POP!" right now as I type! (that means Ready and JUMP and is even better with a piece of pizza in your hand for a little bite after every "pop")
So yes, my teeth still hurt and I am waiting it out til next week BUT I am very blessed and refuse to let a little/lot of pain get me down!
Thank you friends for your phone calls and comments! They lift me up! MUAH!

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